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Brownsburg Junior Basketball League

Hoop Stars League (Special Needs)

"It's all about having fun" - Ben Burchard

Brownsburg Junior Basketball League is very proud to offer our Hoop Stars basketball program to the children in our community with special needs and abilities. The goal of our Hoop Stars program is to adapt the game of basketball for all special needs and abilities, and to give kids with special needs the ability to participate in the same basketball programs that their siblings participate in.  

 - Success
T - Through 
A - Adaptive 
R - Recreational
S - Sports

Hoop Stars Basketball is a unique recreational basketball program because:

  • Designed for children with Special Needs who live with physical or mental challenges
  • Placement is made by ability, not by age.
  • Skills sessions are adapted to the abilities of the players.
  • Game rules are modified to emphasize player success.
  • Success is not determined by the score; success is determined by happiness and fun, and measured in high fives and hugs.
  • Aim is for participants to have fun while learning the game of basketball
  • "Buddies" will be on hand if needed to provide encouragement, direction and assistance to the players. 

Practices and games are combined on Saturdays and will take place at one of the local elementary schools. The time will be consistent from week to week, and will be determined each season based on the number of participants.  Ideally, before the start of each season, we will assign the participants a place on either a competitive or a non-competitive Hoop Stars team in order to accommodate the wide range of abilities of our Hoop Stars basketball players.

What are “buddies” and what role do they have in the Challenger Division? 
Buddies are individuals who assist Hoop STARS athletes, but only as needed.

How can I get involved with the Hoop STARS Program? 
There are many ways for everyone to get involved with the Hoop STARS program. You can volunteer to be a coach or a player's buddy, offer support in recruitment of players, help spread the word about the Hoop STARS program throughout our community, offer fundraising support, and more. Contact Kim or Vicki at  [email protected] if you are interested in helping out.

Come Play with us and join the Hoop STARS Family!

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the Brownsburg Junior Basketball League Hoop Stars Directors,  Kim or Vicki at [email protected]

Thank You!

We would like to give a very special thank you to the organizations that are helping to sponsor the HOOP STARS program this season.  With their support we are able to get this new program up and running.  THANK YOU!!