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Brownsburg Junior Basketball League


These are the frequently asked questions of Brownsburg Basketball.  While we hope that all the answers for your questions are here, we do understand that not every question can be simply answered.  So, if you have a question that isn’t listed here, feel free to contact the League at  [email protected]


Q:  Do you have to live in Brownsburg or attend a Brownsburg school to play basketball for Brownsburg Basketball?
A: Yes, all players are required to live in Brownsburg or attend a Brownsburg School.  Proof of residency or schools may be required.

Q:  When and where can I register to play basketball for Brownsburg Basketball?
A:  Players can only register on our website.  Online registration is a quick and easy way to register 24 hours a day, but payment must be made by either a visa or mastercard.  We no longer are able to accept checks. Players should register early to avoid being placed on a wait list due to full age divisions.  Online registration starts late August and runs through early October. (This includes the late registration window for an added fee)

Q:  What does registration include?
A:  Recreational registration includes a jersey shirt, weekly practices and at least 8 games per season.  Each league, with the exception of 1st and 2nd grade, includes an end of season tournament.  For the travel leagues, please visit our Hoops Page for more information. 

Q:  How much are registration fees?
A:  Fees fees vary by program.   Please visit the registration tab for costs by program during the registration time period.

Q:  How old does my son or daughter have to be to start playing basketball for Brownsburg Basketball?
A:  Your son or daughter must be in first grade by August 1 in order to register.

Q:  How do I request a refund?
A:  BJBL will only issue refunds for registrations in the event that a physical injury PRIOR to the beginning of the season prevents a registered player from playing that entire season.  If uniform was ordered a prorated portion would be refunded. Proof of injury is required from family physician. 

Q:  I missed the registration period.  Can I still get my child registered for basketball?
A:  Certain divisions have extended registration periods due to trying to fill out the teams in the age division. Please contact us to inquire if there is any spots available or if there are any wait lists available.

Q:  How do I know what age group my child will be in?
A:  Players are placed in an age group based on their grade in school. 

Q:  Can my children play on the same team?
A:  Siblings in the same grade are placed on the same team.  In order to help facilitate this, when registering online, please add a comment in the appropriate box when registering the players that each has a sibling in the same division.  If a box is not available, please email [email protected] and we will add a note on the back end.

Q:  Can I request that a neighbor, friend, or relative be on the same team as my child?
A:  Brownsburg Basketball does not honor requests for teammates.  All recreational divisions are assigned based on a blind or player draft.  Prior season coach evaluations are used to distribute players evenly on teams.

Q:  How do you form the teams?
A:  There is a skills evaluation done at the end of each season. These evaluations are completed by the coaches and used for the next season's scores.  For new players to the league in 3-8 grade there may be a skills evaluation day for them to attend.    Players will be assigned a rating so that the directors will have some information to use at the draft.  Each age group level has their own draft where coaches will receive their teams.

Q:  If my child is advanced in skill for their grade level, can they play up into the next higher division?
A:  Brownsburg Basketball does not move players up age divisions. If you believe your child to be more advanced that their peers, please consider moving them to our Hoops travel program.


Q:  What is the Travel league?
A:  The travel program offers an opportunity for a player to experience a higher level of competition, receive additional practice, coaching and more games per season.

Q:  Can my child play both Recreational basketball and Travel basketball?
A:  Yes.  There may be some conflicts with practice and game times, but players are allowed to be in both leagues. 

Q:  What type of time commitment should be expected for a Travel team?
A:  Players will have practice two times per week for approximately 1.5 hours each session.  There are more games played in the travel league, including Saturday, Sunday and weeknight games.   The Travel season is about 6 weeks longer than the Recreational season.

Q:  Does every child get equal playing time?
A:  No.  The coaches determine who plays and for how many minutes.  Coaches are attempting to put their most competitive team on the floor and more emphasis is placed on winning games than in the Recreational leagues.  However, it is still a developmental program and each child should receive adequate playing time over the course of a season.  

Q:  When are Travel tryouts?
A:  Please see the Hoops page of our website for more information.  The tryouts for girls and boys are at different times and in different locations.


Q:  What are the responsibilities involved in being a coach or assistant coach?
A:  The Coach is the primary leader for the team.  He or she runs the practices.  The Assistant Coach helps and supports the coach, especially if the coach is unavailable for an occasional game or practice.  No experience is required.  A Coaching Clinic may be provided at the beginning of the season to train you. 

Q: What if I do not have basketball experience?
A:  No experience is necessary!  Brownsburg Basketball is all about learning and having fun, even for the coaches.  A certain level of competence is necessary to coach the older teams, but there are always ways to help.

Q:  How do I know who is on my team?
A:  You will receive your own players at a draft scheduled by the League. Coaches will receive a roster and contact info following the draft.  Coaches will need to contact each child/family and introduce themselves.  Coaches should tell players the team name and the time of the first practice. .

Q:  How will I know about any special needs of the children on my team?
A:  Your roster should have any immediate information such as allergies or disabilities, but it is a good idea to check with the parents in case that information was left off their registration. 

Q:  I’m interested in being a coach, but I do not have a child in the league.  How do I sign up?
A:  Please contact us at [email protected].


Q:  Where are the practices and games played?
A:  Brownsburg Basketball contracts with the Brownsburg Community School Corporation for use of the gymnasiums at several schools.  Your coach will provide you with the information specific to your team’s practices and games.

Q: What days and times are the games?
A: All rec games (1st-6th grade) are played on Saturdays with exception to the tournament, some games may be played on a weeknight. Saturday game time may vary from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.  There are more games played in the travel league, including Saturday, Sunday and weeknight games.   

Q:  Will the parents be at practice?
A:  Brownsburg Basketball rules state that a parent should not be at practice for all leagues.  The coaches should not be responsible for players following the conclusion of practices and games.  Siblings should NOT attend practices.  It is distracting for the coach and players on the team and there have been some problems in the past with children unattended in other parts of the schools as well as the gymnasium. Please note: currently All Rec and Travel league practices are closed door practices and parents can not attend practices.

Q:  How do I know when my first practice is?  Are practices scheduled by the League?
A:  All practice locations and times are scheduled by the League.  Your coach will make you aware of your first practice when he/she contacts you to introduce themselves.  After that, he/she will provide you with a practice schedule.  Practices are held Monday thru Friday evening, between 6pm-9pm.

Q:  How often do we practice?  How long is practice?
A:  Recreational teams practice one night per week at one hour each. Travel teams generally practice two nights per week for one and half hours each.

Q:  How long is the season?
A:  Recreational teams start practicing in early Nov.  Games Start the first Sat in Dec and go through the first Sat in March finishing with a single elimination tournament.  No practice or games over break.  Travel teams vary by grade.

Q:  What do the players need for practices and games?
A: Coaches are only provided basketballs for the team to use.  Players should bring water and wear appropriate basketball clothing, including shoes.  For games, all players must wear the uniform provided and appropriate shoes. 

Q:  What if there is bad weather?  Will games or practices be cancelled?
A:  Games and/or practices can be cancelled due to weather.  Everyone, including coaches will be alerted via our social media (BJBL Facebook Page) if the buildings are closed.  As a typical rule, if Brownsburg Community School Corporation does not have school that day because of weather, then there will be no practice that evening.  Cancellations will also be posted on our website.  Cancellations will be made up if and when/where feasible.  This is dependent on availability of game officials, conflicts with other events and gym availability

Q:  What happens if teams are tied in the standings at the end of the regular season.
A:  Standings Tiebreaker will be handled as followed:
All teams will be ranked based on over all winning percentage.
Initial tiebreaker is based on head to head results.
Secondary tiebreaker is based on total points allowed  for the season.
Third tiebreaker is based on total points scored for the season.
Final tiebreaker would result in a coin toss done by the website coordinator or a neutral board member.



Q. Is there concessions at the games?
A. There are not concessions at the rec games.  There are concessions for travel games.

Q:  What about game snacks?
A:  It is up to the team if they would like to organize snacks for after each game.  League rules state that these should be distributed outside of the school buildings.


Q:  When do we get our uniforms?
A:  Uniforms are generally distributed about one week before the first scheduled games.  Coaches will be contacted about a pick up time and location.

Q:  What if the uniform does not fit or is the wrong size?
A:  Uniforms are ordered by the sizes provided during the registration process.  Please double check that the uniform size in the registration is the correct size needed. If the uniform is not the correct size that was ordered, the league will replace the incorrect item. However, charges will be applied to any re-orders due to the incorrect selection at the time of registration.

Q:  When is picture day?
A: Pictures will be after the first game. A schedule of dates and times will be provided at the start of the season. 
Q:  What recognition do the players receive?
A:  Trophies are awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams of grades that have tournaments, for grades that do not have an end of the season tournament a participation trophy will be provided.

Q:  Who do I contact if I need help?
A:  Most of the information you need is on our website.  We try to keep it updated with pertinent information and dates to keep you better informed.  Coaches should be contacted with team questions. Division level questions should be submitted to the division directors that can be found on our board members page. General questions can be submitted via email to [email protected]